Tycho 0.2 released | Print |

we are releasing an update of Tycho which contains a bugfix and a couple of improvements over the 0.1 version.

For more information about the Tycho project please visit the project homepage at http://sip-syndication.com

Description Tycho Release 0.2 Beta

Bug fix:

  • missing "Channel Type" added for Extensions


  • adjustable refresh interval (voicemail)
  • manual refresh button (voicemail)
  • re-open windows after application restart (extensions, voicemail)
  • "Support Forum" menu item - Web Link to our support Forum
  • "Reset Perspective" menu item - Resets the windows to it's defaut locations

Note for "Trixbox" Users: When subcribing to an extension please use the context "from-internal" in the "context" field of the subscription menu.

Please note that this version will delete your preference settings as well as any defined voicemailboxes and extensions. Help us and report all problems/bugs to our support forum. Thank you.