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Network Consulting

With 18 years of experience in internetworking and a solid background in ISP backbone operation we are a more than qualified partner for your networking needs. Common network activities include:

  • Autonomous System creation, Routing Registry setup, Peering Point Setup, interior (EIGRP/OSPF) and exterior (BGP4) routing configuration and training.
  • Network security assessment - we provide a complete white Hat service which quickly identifies and corrects security exposures.
  • Internet Address Management - If you are an ISP still relying on Excel-Sheets, text files or a "quick hack" custom mysql application to manage your growing IP Space you should check out our IP Management Tool. Please contact us for more information because we are still working on integrating all our information into this site.

Primary Internet Service Setup

Creating reliable and cost effective Internet Services is a demanding task. With a long history in using, modifying and writing open-source software for ISP usage we are able to help you when it comes to setting up primary internet services. We plan, configure and setup Mail, DNS, News, SIP and Webservers as well as VOIP systems (Asterisk/Sip-Express Router) according to your needs!

Unix Consulting

18 years of Unix experience are hard to beat. Since the dawn of the Internet we utilize various Unix flavours like Solaris/SunOS, AIX, HPUX and Linux in 24/7 production environments. Our Unix consulting services include:

  • UNIX installation and UNIX upgrades - Complete and reliable upgrades to all servers in your network.
  • Installation of UNIX patches (including security fixes) - One-time UNIX patches, applied and tested by an expert.
  • UNIX software installation and UNIX configuration - Complete and reliable UNIX installation and UNIX configuration.
  • Custom UNIX scripting (sh,perl,php) and UNIX system programming (C,perl,java) - This service is popular with clients who desire customized shell scripting for specific UNIX tasks.
  • UNIX Security Assessment - A complete UNIX security assessment service and installation of security tools, auditing tools and penetration testing.